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Are traditions important?

Ganesha Kit for Children Traditional

Mummy shouting from the kitchen - “Go to the shop quickly and get 2kg Mithai. Your mausa mausi are on their way”

Me a bit tired - “Mummy, I am already working on the rangoli. Can’t you ask Rishu (my brother) to do it?”

“No, Rishu is working on setting up the lights and decorations. But where are they?” – Papa and Chacha chimed in together

“They are all playing cricket on the rooftop” – Our five year old cousin said laughing.

I am sure a lot of you can relate to this scenario. In our childhoods, a home before any festival used to be a powerhouse bursting with energy, disorder and chaos, all in the preparation of one final event which would last only for a few hours. There were decorations, cuisines, parties, plannings, dressing ups, arguments, hosting neighbors, grandparents’ stories, card games, leg pullings, impromptu outings etc.

Unfortunately, our modern society has now contracted our family sizes, increased the distances and our ideologies have become more fluid with global interconnectivity. In such times, there are several traditions that are slowly fading away and the current generation is starting to question the relevance of crackers, colors and muhurat times.

We, at Lattooland, firmly believe that it is more important than ever today for us parents to celebrate our traditions in the most fun way and keep the spirit of humanity alive for our children. Traditions help form the structure and foundation of our family and society itself. It brings families togethers and enables people to reconnect at a more intimate level. Tradition also reinforces values of freedom, faith, integrity, personal responsibility, ethics and more important to be selfless, looking out for the betterment of the broader community. It has got nothing to do with scientific or inquisitive thinking, but to collectively take out sometime out of our busy lives and really cherish love, togetherness and family.

To help you celebrate these festivals, we have launched multiple festive kits - Timeless Rangoli Kit, Ganesha Kit, Diwali Kit and even Halloween Kit. We may or may not be able to give our kids the experience of a larger family but we can surely ensure higher levels of happiness, celebrations and joy!

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