About Us

About Lattooland

At Lattooland, we are driven by a simple yet profound belief: every child deserves the best start in life, and that journey begins with play. Our story is one of passion, discovery, and a commitment to nurturing the boundless potential within every child.

Our Journey

As a young mother, I embarked on a quest to find toys and play kits that not only entertained but also enriched my child's development. In my research, I uncovered a fascinating truth: 90% of a child's brain develops by the age of 5. It became clear that early-age toys and play experiences held immense power in shaping a child's future.

However, I was disheartened to find the market flooded with flashy plastic toys that offered momentary distractions but lacked the depth to engage young minds. These brilliant, curious minds needed to be nurtured, not merely pacified. It was this realization that compelled me to take matters into my own hands.

I began crafting multi-sensory activities for my own child, and the results were astounding. Not only did these activities captivate my toddler's imagination, but they also fostered cognitive and sensory development. Encouraged by the positive impact, I shared my homemade creations on Instagram, where they garnered a dedicated following from fellow parents seeking similar enriching experiences.

It was a serendipitous moment – the birth of Lattooland. In 2021, I made the life-changing decision to leave my job at Amazon and devote myself to bringing a much-needed transformation to the toy industry.

Our Mission

At Lattooland, our mission is clear: we aim to provide trusted play kits that enhance multi-sensory development, boost cognitive abilities, and ignite the imaginations of children. We believe in opening the doors to a world of endless possibilities through play.

Our Flagship Products

Our flagship products include Organic, Taste-safe Dough Kits with Tools, Rainbow Rice Kits, Pasta Play, and Festive Themed Kits. These thoughtfully designed kits are crafted to engage young minds, naturally sourced, sustainable, and rigorously lab-tested for both child safety and environmental responsibility.

Our Impact

In just 2 years, Lattooland has grown into a thriving community of over 25,000+ parents. We are proud to have been featured in leading newspapers such as 'The Hindu' and 'The New India Express.' We are deeply grateful for the endorsements from parents and celebrities worldwide who share our passion for enriching children's lives.

At Lattooland, we are not just selling products; we are fostering a movement. A movement that embraces play as a powerful tool for learning, growth, and creativity.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

With love,