8 Colours Clay Dough Set with 7 Tools, 3 Mats | Power Kit | Taste-safe clay

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play doh clay set and unique gifts for 3 year olds

8 Colours Clay Dough Set with 7 Tools, 3 Mats | Power Kit | Taste-safe clay

Rs. 1,399.00

8 Colours Clay Dough Set with 7 Tools, 3 Mats | Power Kit | Taste-safe clay

Rs. 1,399.00


Introduce your kid to the world of endless possibilities with Lattoo Dough Kits. This power packed kit is designed to develop fine motor skills, strengthen hand muscles for writing, enhance imagination and nurture creativity in kids. The kit is extremely easy to use and keeps little minds and hands occupied in a constructive manner. Let the kids create their little world in their own way while you sit back and enjoy the wonders of your kid’s imagination. Just the perfect gift for a budding genius!

The set is especially designed for the parents to also have fun and spend quality time with the kids.

Key Features:
- 100% taste safe, toxin free [Lab certified]
- Open-ended play
- Enhances creativity
- Builds fine motor skills
- Boost brain development
- Suitable for kids 1.5 years and above [we have seen adults enjoying this too!]
- Sensory play for kids
What will I get?
The Lattoo Dough Power Kit includes:
  • 8 natural, taste-safe , non-toxic lab tested clay dough (70g each) in 8 vibrant colors [white, yellow, red, green, blue, purple, orange, brown]
  • 8 food grade storage tubs for convenient storage of dough
  • 2 premium quality wooden rolling pins (plain and design, child-sized)
  • 1 premium quality child-sized wooden knife (can be used in kitchen also for cutting boiled eggs or potato)
  • 1 wooden stamp
  • 1 kid-friendly bladeless scissors for kids
  • 2 premium quality metal moulds (can be used as cookie cutters / dosa / chapati stencils)
  • 3 reusable double-sided dough mats
What is the recommended age?
18 months and above. Adult supervision is suggested to avoid any choking hazard.

Playing with the Lattoo Dough Power Kit not only sparks creativity but also aids in building hand muscles and learning letter formation. Here's how your child can engage with dough, tools and mats:

  • Utilize the wooden rolling pins to roll and flatten the dough. This activity requires your child to exert pressure, improving hand strength and control.
  • Use the wooden stamp, knife, and scissors to create precise shapes and cutouts. These actions involve fine motor movements, which contribute to the development of hand muscles.
  • Explore the double-sided mats with different textures and patterns. Encourage your child to press the dough onto the mats, following the curves and arcs displayed. This practice reinforces the formation of letter shapes and improves motor coordination.
  • Guide your child in using the tools and mats to create letters of the alphabet. They can press the dough onto the mats to trace the letter shapes or use the tools to sculpt the letters directly.
  • Engage in interactive play with your child, encouraging them to narrate stories or create scenes using the clay dough and tools. This imaginative play further enhances their fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.
  • Combine different colors, experiment with mixing them, and create new shades and patterns.
  • Encourage pretend play by sculpting animals, objects, or characters using the clay dough.
  • Enjoy free play and let your child's imagination guide their creations. There are no limits or rules!
    • Builds Hand Muscles for Writing: The kit includes a range of tools, such as the wooden rolling pins, stamp, knife, and scissors, which require your child to use their hands and fingers in different ways. These activities help strengthen the hand muscles essential for writing.
    • Mats Designed for Learning: The double-sided mats included in the kit are thoughtfully designed to support your child's learning process. They feature patterns and textures that encourage the formation of arcs and curves, which are fundamental to letter formation. By pressing the dough onto the mats, children practice the movements needed to create these shapes, promoting early writing skills.
    • Enhances Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating and shaping the play dough, using the tools, and performing various hand movements improve your child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
    • Stimulates Creativity and Imagination: The open-ended nature of the clay dough allows your child to explore their creativity and imagination. They can create endless shapes, objects, and characters, giving wings to their imagination.
    • Fosters Cognitive Skills: While playing with the clay dough, children engage in problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making. They learn to experiment, make choices, and find solutions, thereby enhancing their cognitive skills.
    • Encourages Sensory Exploration: The multi-sensory experience provided by the clay dough, with its soft texture, vibrant colors, and subtle fragrance, stimulates your child's senses, including touch, sight, and smell.
    • Promotes Relaxation and Mindfulness: Kneading and shaping the clay dough can have a calming effect on children, promoting relaxation and mindfulness. It allows them to focus their attention and engage in a soothing sensory experience.


    Q: What do you mean by taste-safe?

    A: Taste-safe means that if by chance small amount of Lattoodough goes in the mouth, its fine as its completely made from food grade ingredients.

    Q: How do I care for the Lattoodough?

    A: To maintain its texture and freshness, store the clay dough in the provided tub and close the lid properly. However, if it becomes dry by any chance: Place the dough in the dough tub and add a small amount of water. Using your hands, knead the wet dough, ensuring the water is evenly distributed and absorbed.If the dough becomes slightly wet, don't worry, as it's normal. Let the dough rest in the closed tub for 2 hours. After the resting period, knead the dough again, and you will find it moist and malleable.If needed, you can add a few drops of vegetable oil while kneading for added smoothness and pliability.If you live in a humid climate, the dough being natural may absorb some moisture from air and turn loose or sticky. In that case, just heat the dough in a pan for a minute or in microwave for 40 seconds and let it cool. Once cool, just knead it and it will be fine again. 

    Q: What are the ingredients used in the clay dough?

    A: Lattooland's clay dough is made from natural and edible ingredients. It does not contain harmful chemicals or toxins. It primarily consists of flour, salt, water, colorants. (all food grade)&

    Q: What if my child ate or put the clay dough in their mouth?

    A: The clay dough is taste-safe and safe if accidentally ingested in small quantities. It contains food-grade ingredients used in the food industry.

    Q: What is the shelf life of the clay dough?

    A: Lattooland's clay dough has a shelf life of approximately 6 months.

    Q. The dough forms tiny white crystals at the top. Is it safe?

    A: Yes, the tiny white crystals on the clay dough's surface are common salt. It occurs when the dough is not used for some time or gets exposed to air. Simply knead it a little, and the crystals will dissolve.

    Q: The dough is scented, so is it safe for kids?

    A: Yes absolutely, even the scents used are edible ones and are mild and subtle for kids. The objective is to provide multi-sensory experience to kids. We don’t even use essential oils as those are not edible. Don’t worry, it has been made by a mother for her child and it is the safest you will find!

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    R Pavithra

    good product with great quality. totally satisfied with the clay dough and rainbow kit.
    if you gonna have any sale on product, let me know. thank you.

    Priyanka Singh

    8 Colours Clay Dough Set with 7 Tools, 3 Mats | Power Kit | Taste-safe clay

    Pranoti Vajratkar

    8 Colours Clay Dough Set with 7 Tools, 3 Mats | Power Kit | Taste-safe clay

    Archana Mehta

    8 Colours Clay Dough Set with 7 Tools, 3 Mats | Power Kit | Taste-safe clay

    Rax Serrao

    8 Colours Clay Dough Set with 7 Tools, 3 Mats | Power Kit | Taste-safe clay

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